Taylor Swift held a series of successful shows in Los Angeles between August 3 and 9, 2023. Even though the concert is over, we'll Speak Now with thirteen reasons why the Pacific Surfliner is the best way to travel to Los Angeles and beyond for a Swiftie-inspired getaway: 

  1. We know All Too Well that parking can be expensive, and you could be waiting in traffic for a while – you don’t have to Tolerate It 

  2. Depending on where you live or what airport you're flying into, it could be quite a drive to Los Angeles, so wherever your End Game might be, we can get you to the LA area

  3. Fill any Blank Space in your trip with a Labyrinth of public transit connections – many agencies offer free rides for Pacific Surfliner customers  

  4. Long Story Short, a train ride can transform your time at the concert into a whole getaway, since the fun starts from the moment you step on board

  5. The Pacific Surfliner train has a Big Reputation for its Gorgeous coastal views and convenient access to stations across Southern California, at least that's what people say

  6. It feels like a Gold Rush with our Everyday Discounts on train travel – there are savings for students, kids, seniors, and others

  7. Your car can Stay Stay Stay at the nearest station where you catch the train – many of our stations have free parking, so you’ll pay Sweet Nothing 

  8. A trip Hits Different when you travel by train instead of driving, thanks to our onboard amenities like free Wi-Fi, power outlets, reclining seats, a Market Café, and more 

  9. On board the train, That’s When you can relax, make friendship bracelets, plan your day like a Mastermind, daydream, or simply enjoy that there's not a lot going on at the moment – what would you do?

  10. It’s Nice to Have a Friend, and when you take the train, we have seating available for groups of 3 or 4  

  11. Business Class will Forever & Always be a great addition to any Pacific Surfliner trip – upgrade for guaranteed seat, free snacks and drinks, and assistance from a dedicated attendant 

  12. Arrive in Style at one of our 29 destinations, many of which are walkable

  13. Help SoCal Stay Beautiful when you travel sustainably 

Call It What You Want, but those are a few reasons why taking the Pacific Surflineris a good idea. Now you're Level Expert. So d
rop everything now and book your trip. Are you Ready for It? 


Swiftie Trips

Here are some trip ideas inspired by the Superstar:

  • Embrace Your Love of Cats by visiting a cat café! There are a few in SoCal, including downtown San Diego and Los Angeles. And we allow small pets on board with an advance reservation ($29 each way), so you could bring your own cat (in a carrier) along for the ride!

  • Visit the GRAMMY Museum in downtown Los Angeles to browse a collection of historical music artifacts and celebrate past winners of the Grammy Award, of which Taylor has 12!

  • Sing Your Heart Out to all of Taylor's biggest hits at a karaoke lounge - you can find places to karaoke at most major destinations.

  • Let Loose with a magical night on the town that will have you feeling 22. San Diego, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara are all great destinations to forget about the heartbreaks.

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