Business Class is not just for business travel. Anyone can upgrade to Business Class to enjoy additional perks on top of the amenities provided throughout the train. Here are some reasons to try it for your next trip:

Enhanced Atmosphere

The Business Class cars have been refreshed with new seat upholstery, carpet, and curtains. Reclining, cushioned leather seats provide an extra comfortable ride. There is also added legroom, so stretch out and relax. Because Business Class is located at one end of the train, there tends to be less foot-traffic, resulting in a more private setting.

Complimentary Snacks and Drinks

Riders traveling in Business Class are treated to complimentary snacks and drinks. Each morning, there is coffee, tea, water, and juice, as well as pastries from a local bakery. In the afternoon, riders receive a snack pack as well as a soft drink, glass of wine, or 12-ounce can of lager. Snack pack contents vary, but typically include chips or crackers, cookies, cheese, trail mix and more. For more food and drink options, head to the onboard Market Café to browse a selection of fresh sandwiches and salads, snacks, sweets, craft beers, cocktails, and other items available for purchase.

Guaranteed Seating

Business Class riders are guaranteed a seat, which is helpful especially on busy trains which could be standing room only in Coach during parts of the trip. Because tickets are tied to specific trains, Business Class reservations need to be modified in advance if plans change.

Dedicated Attendant

Business Class also has a dedicated attendant on most trains, who can answer questions and assist with luggage.

Earn Extra Rewards

Amtrak Guest Rewards members, who earn points with each Amtrak trip they take, get a 25% qualifying point bonus when booking in Business Class. Create an account and start collecting points for a free trip or other rewards.

Priority Boarding in San Diego

The Santa Fe Depot in downtown San Diego has two lines where passengers wait to board. The Business Class line boards first.

Power Outlets, Wi-Fi, and Other Amenities

Both Business Class and Unreserved Coach offer at-seat amenities which include power outlets, free Wi-Fi, dropdown tray tables, footrests, overhead lights, and large picture windows. There are also restrooms, luggage storage, table seating for groups of 3 or 4, and an onboard Market Café.

How to Book

When booking online or in the Amtrak app, simply select "Business Class Seat" for the train you are purchasing a ticket for. Tickets can also be purchased by visiting an Amtrak ticket window inside staffed stations, or by calling 800-USA-RAIL.

The number of Business Class seats on each train is limited, so book your trip early, especially if you are traveling when trains are expected to be busy, such as during Comic-Con or the summer Del Mar Racing Season.

Your Business Class seat is tied to the train you book your ticket for, so if your plans change and you need to take a different train, call 800-USA-RAIL in advance of your trip.

Business Class FAQs