We've implemented one of the largest schedule changes to the Pacific Surfliner service in years. Another roundtrip was added and many departure times were adjusted in October 2021. This schedule change builds on the partial service restoration that was implemented in June 2021, and also moves towards pulsed schedules, which evenly distributes trains to provide maximum service coverage. 

Adjustment Highlights

  • One additional round-trip was added that travels the length of the corridor (San Diego – San Luis Obispo). 
  • Almost all trains have revised departure times, evenly distributing service throughout the day. Most departures shifted by 5-15 minutes. The adjustments establish more consistency, help with on-time performance, and improve connections to other trains.
  • There is now one daily schedule (instead of separate schedules for weekday and weekend), so train numbers and departures are the same every day.
  • Due to equipment logistics, Train 794 now requires a cross-platform transfer in Los Angeles to train 594. Passengers need to switch trains at the station before continuing south. The connection is guaranteed.

October 25, 2021 Schedule Updates:

Southbound Trains

  • Train 768 is now Train 770. 
  • Train 774 departs SLO 40 minutes earlier. Departure times down the line also shifted, and the train now arrives in SAN at 3:04 p.m., approximately 25 minutes earlier. 
  • Train 580 no longer has a bus connection from stations north of LAX. Passengers can instead take Train 784. 
  • Train 584 is now Train 784, and has been extended to originate in Goleta. There is also a guaranteed bus connection between SLO and SBA. 
  • Train 586 has been added, providing an evening departure out of LAX. 
  • Train 796 is now Train 794 (SLO to LAX) and 594 (LAX to SAN). A cross-platform transfer is required for passengers traveling through LAX. The connection is guaranteed. 

Northbound Trains 

  • Train 761 has been added, providing an early-morning departure out of SAN, operating the entire length of the route up to SLO. 
  • Train 763 is now Train 765. 
  • Train 567 has a much earlier departure, departing SAN at 7:01a.m. instead of 8:25 a.m. This improves spacing between departures out of SAN. 
  • Train 569 is now Train 573. 
  • Train 579 is now Train 581. 
  • Train 593 is now Train 591. 

Passengers are encouraged to pay extra attention to their train numbers and departure times. Download the new timetable from the link below:

PDF Timetable - Effective October 25

More Schedule Resources

To help our customers navigate through this situation, we’ve gathered important information, including ticketing policies, service impacts, and more.

The Pacific Surfliner serves stations in San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo counties.

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