There’s a good chance you already know some train travel basics. But today, we’re here to talk about the things you don’t know! Join us as we travel full steam ahead into some of the top train travel FAQs, asked by riders just like you. From booking processes to traveling with pets, we’re covering all the bases so you don’t have to worry about a thing. All aboard the FAQ Express!

Routes and Destinations

Which cities does the Pacific Surfliner connect?

The Amtrak® Pacific Surfliner® travels along a 351-mile route through San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo counties, with portions of the route hugging the Southern California coastline. It stops at 29 stations along the way (listed north to south):

Are there scenic views along the route?

You betcha! Sections of the Pacific Surfliner route hug the California coastline, serving up breathtaking views of rolling hills, pristine beaches, and blue skies as far as the eye can see.

Booking Your Ticket

How do I book a ticket for the Pacific Surfliner?

Booking your Pacific Surfliner ticket couldn’t be easier— visit our website, choose your departure and destination, pick a date, and select your preferred time of day. We'll find trips that match your specifications. From there, just add your ticket to the cart! During checkout, you can also add extras like bicycles or pets.

Are there different ticket classes available, and what are the

The Pacific Surfliner offers two ticket classes: Unreserved Coach and Business. Go for an Unreserved Coach ticket for maximum flexibility, allowing you to ride any Pacific Surfliner train between the specified stations within a year of your reservation. 

If you want something more luxurious, Business Class provides an upgraded experience featuring enhanced atmosphere, complimentary snacks and drinks, guaranteed seating, a dedicated attendant, and the opportunity to earn extra rewards while you ride. 

Is there a loyalty program for frequent travelers?

Attention, lovers of reward programs! Amtrak Guest Rewards allow members to earn points for every Amtrak ride they take, which can then go toward rewards like travel, hotels, car rentals, and more. Click here to sign up for free.

Are there discounts for certain passenger types (seniors, military, children, etc.)?

Yes! We offer the following discounts:

  • Senior (62+) - 15% off
  • Children (2-12) - 50% off
  • Infants (under 2) - free (one per adult passenger)
  • Student (25 and under) - 15% off
  • Military Personnel - 15% off
  • University of California Staff - 15% off
  • Veterans - 15% off 
  • Passengers with Disabilities - 15% off 

Are there any discounts or promotions available for booking?

We respect a good bargain hunt. That’s why we offer a multitude of different ways to save on your journey! Don't miss out on our exclusive partnerships with Disneyland, San Diego Zoo, as well as the Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Car-Free programs for special savings. You can also explore our California Everyday Discounts—aka, year-round savings on select Amtrak routes serving Southern California, the Central Valley, and Northern California. Check our site for more information about frequent promotion opportunities!  

Onboard Experience

What amenities are available on board?

Kick back and relax on the Pacific Surfliner— all of our trains feature comfortable, reclining seats, power outlets, free Wi-Fi, restrooms, bike and luggage racks, and large picture windows for maximum “oohing” and “aahing.”

Are there bathrooms on the train?

Yes, restrooms are available on every train for your convenience. There are bathrooms in every car, with an additional restroom in the accessible seating area downstairs. 

Is there food on the train?

If you get hungry during your trip, our onboard Market Café offers a variety of snacks, light meals, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Indulge in local products from California, including mouthwatering salads, sandwiches, and selections from the state’s top breweries and wineries.

Can I bring food and drinks on board?

Yes! Feel free to bring your own food and non-alcoholic drinks on board to enjoy at your seat. Please note that personal food cannot be consumed in the Café Car.

Can I bring my own alcohol on board?

Sorry, we don’t allow the consumption of personal alcohol at your seat. Head to the onboard Café Car if you feel like having a tasty alcoholic beverage!

Is there Wi-Fi available, and how strong is it?

We love helping our passengers stay connected while they’re on the rails. All of our trains are equipped with Wi-Fi that supports general web browsing— just don’t forget to download your favorite movies and tv shows beforehand.

How do I connect to the onboard Wi-Fi?

Connecting is super easy! Just look for “AmtrakConnect" in your device’s list of available hot spots. Select this option and then open or refresh your browser to see the “AmtrakConnect” welcome screen. Click “I agree, get connected” and you’ll be all set.

Travel Tips

How early should I arrive at the station?

Passengers are recommended to arrive 30 to 45 minutes before your scheduled departure time. 

What's the baggage policy for the Pacific Surfliner?

Every passenger is allowed one personal item, two carry-on items, and two checked bags. Personal items, such as large purses or briefcases can individually measure up to 14” x 11” x 7”, and weigh up to 25 pounds each. Carry-on bags must be 1. 28" x 22" x 11" each, in order to fit in the sizer at the station and 2. weigh no more than 50 pounds each, so it can be easily lifted over your head onto an overhead luggage shelf. Don’t forget to add a tag with your name and address on the outside of all your bags! Please note that checked baggage is temporarily unavailable.

Can I bring my bike on the train?

If a bike is how you roll, make a free bike reservation and secure a spot for your ride. We recommend booking early to avoid spaces being sold out, especially on weekends and holidays. Every train has a dedicated car for bike storage (always located at the end of the train, opposite the front locomotive). Once you find it, just locate the bike racks and secure your bike before heading to your seat. Remember station stops are quick, so head down to the storage car a few minutes before your stop to get your bike ready for departure.

Are there charging outlets for electronic devices?

Stay powered up with our onboard surge-protected power outlets, located at every seat in both Business Class and Coach. If you’re in an aisle seat, we recommend asking your seatmate first before reaching over and plugging into an outlet (we speak from experience).

Can I bring my special equipment?

Certain specialty items, including sporting equipment, musical instruments, surfboards, and more, are allowed to be carried on (size and weight restrictions apply). Wondering about a specific piece of equipment? Head over to Amtrak’s Baggage Policy page.

How often does the Pacific Surfliner run?

We run frequently throughout the day, offering many convenient options for travelers. There are 10 round trips between San Diego and Los Angeles, 5 round trips between Los Angeles to Santa Barbara, and 2 round trips across the whole corridor per day.

How can I modify or cancel my reservation?

We know that sometimes, plans can go off track. That’s why our flexible ticket policies make it easy to postpone your trip. Unreserved Coach tickets can be saved for up to a year without making any changes to the reservation, while Business Class reservations must be modified online or by calling 800-USA-RAIL. Click here to learn more about Amtrak’s refund and cancellation policies.


Is the Pacific Surfliner accessible for passengers with disabilities?

Yes! The train can accommodate standard manual or battery-powered wheelchairs, and accessible seating and restrooms are available on the lower level of our bi-level cars. Click here to learn more about wheelchair restrictions. Passengers with disabilities can also request help during the booking process.

Is there designated seating for passengers with special needs?

Yes, we have designated accessible seating for passengers located on the lower level of our bi-level cars. 

Are service animals allowed on board?

Service animals are welcome, as long as they are trained to perform specific tasks for individuals with disabilities. Emotional support animals are not allowed— visit the Service Animals page on the Amtrak website for more information about our policy.



Can I bring my pet on board?

Yes, cats and dogs up to 20 pounds (combined weight of pet + carrier) are welcome aboard our trains with reservations. Now that’s what we call tails on rails!

Is there a fee for bringing a pet on the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner?

Yes, it costs $29 each way to add a pet to your trip

Thank you for riding with us through the wonderful world of travel FAQs! We hope that these answers help prepare you for your next adventure on the rails. Remember that on the Pacific Surfliner, the journey is just as good as the destination. Safe travels! 

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