The LOSSAN Agency continues to adapt and evolve to address new challenges and fulfill the transportation needs of communities along the 351-mile LOSSAN rail corridor. Originally established in 1989, the Agency has expanded its responsibilities to include leading capital improvement projects, securing funding for rail improvements, and collaborating with partners on initiatives that improve connectivity and reliability. In 2015, the Agency also started managing the Pacific Surfliner service.

With so many opportunities to shape transportation along the rail corridor both now and in the future, the LOSSAN Agency has started the process of refreshing its Strategic Plan, originally developed in 2012. The Strategic Plan is intended to guide both short- and long-term projects and initiatives along the rail corridor.

Centered in the Strategic Plan is the LOSSAN Agency’s vision for the rail corridor: to be the foundation of Southern California rail travel, fully integrated with transit partners, and helping travelers create lifelong memories by providing a high-quality experience, achieving world-class operations, and ensuring long-term sustainability.

This will be accomplished through a series of initiatives that fall under the following goals:

  • Maximize customer focus
  • Optimize operations
  • Prioritize business sustainability

The plan includes tasks that are specific, measureable, achievable, relevant, and time-sensitive (SMART) – they will be the basis for development of the LOSSAN Agency’s annual workplan to ensure projects and activities continue to advance travel along the corridor.

A workshop to aide in the development of the Agency goals and initiatives was held in January 2022. Additional discussions will be held with the Technical Advisory Committee and Board, with a final document brought for consideration before the start of the new fiscal year.