We’ve expanded our schedule to meet yours!

Two additional Amtrak® Pacific Surfliner® trains make it even easier to travel the California Coast.

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Get an early start to your day with early morning service from San Diego to Los Angeles, continuing north to San Luis Obispo.

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Late evening service gives you the flexibility to enjoy happy hour in L.A. or a long dinner in Orange County before heading south to San Diego.

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Upgrade to Business Class for a guaranteed seat, additional legroom, free snacks and drinks, and other perks!

Unlimited Possibilities

There are now even more possibilities for adventures from San Diego to San Luis Obispo. Here are just a few travel ideas.

Two New Trains

Discover expanded Amtrak Pacific Surfliner morning and evening service

Station Weekday
TRAIN 1761
San Diego 4:00am 4:40am
San Diego (Old Town) 4:07am 4:47am
Solana Beach 4:37am 5:17am
Oceanside 4:53am 5:37am
San Juan Capistrano 5:25am 6:09am
Irvine 5:41am 6:25am
Santa Ana 5:52am 6:36am
Anaheim 6:02am 6:48am
Fullerton 6:11am 7:00am
Los Angeles 7:03am Ar
7:35am Dp
7:30am Ar
7:50am Dp
Glendale 7:48am 8:02am
Burbank Airport 8:00am 8:12am
Van Nuys 8:10am 8:21am
Chatsworth 8:32am 8:33am
Simi Valley 8:45am   8:45am
Moorpark 8:57am 8:57am
Camarillo 9:10am 9:10am
Oxnard 9:21am 9:21am
Ventura 9:35am 9:35am
Carpinteria 10:06am 10:06am
Santa Barbara 10:19am Ar
10:22am Dp
10:19am Ar
10:22am Dp
Goleta 10:34am 10:34am
Lompoc-Surf 11:40am 11:40am
Guadalupe-Santa Maria 12:16pm 12:16pm
Grover Beach 12:37pm 12:35pm
San Luis Obispo 1:05pm 1:00pm
Station Daily
Los Angeles 8:25pm
Fullerton 9:00pm
Anaheim 9:09pm
Santa Ana 9:19pm
Irvine 9:30pm
San Juan Capistrano 9:45pm
Oceanside 10:19pm
Solana Beach 10:36pm
San Diego (Old Town) 11:12pm
San Diego 11:24pm
Additional Service

Existing Service
Train 761 WILL NOT OPERATE on 5/29, 7/4 & 9/4.
Train 1761 WILL OPERATE on 5/29, 7/4 & 9/4.
Schedule effective April 3, 2017

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